Friday, 4 April 2014

Jason Silva's #God Delusion

Jason Silva is spewing nonsense about God again. In the description of the video embedded below, Jason includes a quote from Stewart Brand: "We are as gods and might as well get good at it."

Lincoln Cannon in the YouTube comments wrote: "We are as gods and might as well get good at it. To be human is to be transhuman. Beautiful, Jason. Thanks."

I responded to Lincoln:

Wow. I hope we do NOT get good at being Gods, it'll mean lots of senseless deaths. God is great at ignoring people who are in pain, suffering, dying. How did #PrayForMH370 work out? Why does God ignore or cause pain? It is because God is a delusion thus to get good at being a God is to get good at being delusional or good at being very sadistic. I prefer atheism, it is much more intelligent.

We actually need to get good at atheism. The Tweets below are regarding Noel Sheppard who was sadly dying of cancer. The prayers did not help, he died. God or being a God is a crock of stink. God is a moron.

Note also holy cow!

Finally, here is my version of the Stewart Brand quote:

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Modernism Versus Traditionalism Quote

I think I will use the following Blake Hall quote for my upcoming article about Singularity Modernism versus Traditionalism. I will be considering the different Singularity viewpoints. Blake Hall wrote on my Singularity Thinkers community:

"Technophobic cliches saturate popular culture. This has been the case for as long as there has been technology. But as more of the older generations die off and the newer rise to power, the dynamic changes. Unfortunately, centuries of anti-tech writings and backwards cultural traditions may be difficult to expunge."

Blake's view regarding "cultural traditions" resonates strongly with my own viewpoint.

In the not too distant future I will be publishing a very important detailed analysis of the whole Singularity issue. In short, Vinge has improperly grasped the Singularity and Kurzweil also makes various errors. I present Singularity-Modernism in contrast to Singularity-Traditionalism, which is similar to geocentricism being supplanted by a heliocentric understanding of our solar system. Metaphorically, Singularity-Modernism is the heliocentric understanding of AI, the intelligence explosion. Vinge, Kurzweil, and others are the Traditionalist geocentric group.

The defining characteristic of traditional is adherence to ritual, belief, lack of logic, rigid inability to break free from established patterns. "Modernism" is intellectualism, enlightenment, open-minded ability to change, transform, redefine, based on logic not the habit of establish beliefs.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Left Pointing Hand

I was searching for a left pointing hand character. I've actually got a few in software on my computer but I thought I'd try a new site I'd heard about, alas I could not make function. Here is a small version ☜ and below is a large version.

A short while after contacting the site (see Tweets below), the site did start working so maybe they fixed something with their site, after I contacted them, or maybe it was a temporary glitch with my browser. Personally I think Wikipedia is easier to use for copying then pasting unusual characters.

The Wikipedia pages are Geometric Shapes Unicode block and Miscellaneous Symbols or Dingbat.

Behold! A large left pointing hand you can actually copy and paste.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mike Elgan Techno Optimism Response

I saw an interesting Tweet by Mike Elgan (he is referring to his G+ post, which I've embedded below). I responded.

Here is Mike's post on G+.

Theoretically I should be in the Luddite arena because I am very far from the technological elites (I am very poor). Intelligently however I realise nothing will stop the march of technology, I also very insightfully realise technology is the solution to all our problems, once we get past this teething stage where old-world traditional paradigms cling to the new emerging world of technological liberation.

Technology is freeing everyone from poverty. The drudgery of work is ending. Note how the first mobile phones on sale in 1983 were priced at $3,700 approximately, whereas 31 years later in 2014 you can buy a significantly more powerful phone for a mere $6!

Diamandis and Kotler in their book Abundance focus on the optimism of technology regarding how technology will create a significantly better world.

Snowden is right, we merely need to steer the direction of technology safety through this turbulent period of teething. Interestingly there are a few photos online of Snowden's former (?) girlfriend reading The Singularity is Near.

Sadly many commentators on the Singularity are affluent thus they fail to address the fact that the Singularity will entail everything being free. I try to redress this failing.

The #Singularity viewpoint entails explosive intelligence. AI will not be limited by the slowness of traditional evolution. Humans have shown how their relatively small amounts of brainpower can create increasing sophistication of technology, increasing efficiency entailing more powerful devices at cheaper prices.

All resources only have a price due to scarcity. Sufficiently advanced AI will essentially make all resources limitless due to ultra-intelligent ultra-efficiency (asteroid mining ventures will also help, note Planetary Resources), thus everything will be free. This means there will be no businesses, no economy.

Imagine the evolution of 3D-printing leading to totally decentralised manufacturing. Similar to how computers have evolved on the past 31 years, imagine 3D-printers evolving BUT the 3D-printer evolution is accelerated due to the greater intelligence of AI. Imagine anyone being able to print a super intelligent mind.

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